"Working with Marta was truly a transforming professional development opportunity. She created a learning environment that really challenged us to delve deep into our group dynamics while also providing us all with very tailored one-on-one mentoring, all of which taught us how to be better leaders and a better leadership team. I plan on keeping my folder of "Marta materials" within arm's reach on my desk because what she shared with me will be useful for years to come."
Elizabeth Schroeder, Executive Director & Senior Leadership Team
ANSWER, sex ed honestly


"Marta led our organization through its first strategic planning process. Although we are a relatively small organization, Marta always made us feel like a very big client and that there was no cause more important than our organization's cause. Marta has numerous skills that she brings to her engagement with non-profit organizations: great insight into leadership, organizational dynamics, board development, and finances. Marta is also curious, a critical trait when working across the non-profit arena. Although the AJS's work was new to Marta, she quickly became an expert in our sector, engaging with our members, reading outside articles, and sending us reports relevant to our work. Her enthusiasm and interest were infectious and genuine. Perhaps most significantly, Marta is a brilliant meeting facilitator. Beyond getting us from point A to B, Marta ensured that committee meetings were productive and illuminating. Participants left feeling in a very different and better place than when they began. Without a doubt, we would engage Marta for future projects."
Jeffrey Shandler, President & Rona Sheramy, Executive Director
Association for Jewish Studies


"The SCAN Foundation asked Marta to facilitate our first staff retreat. As a young foundation with really talented staff, our goals were to help each individual develop a clearer sense for how they approach their own work and how teams forge success. Marta did a fantastic job designing a daylong event that was perfectly tailored to our organization's needs. Marta worked closely with our Vice Presidents to ensure that each staff member was actively engaged throughout the day. She helped us develop a solid plan on how staff could broadly incorporate what they learned from this enriching experience into their professional lives and helped us execute this plan with grace, intelligence, and ease."
Bruce Chernof
President & CEO
The SCAN Foundation


"Just Vision hired Marta to facilitate a meeting between our staff and board to discuss the organization's strategic priorities for the coming year. Marta was responsible for bringing together a highly diverse group of people -- including Palestinians, Israelis and Americans of Brazilian, Lebanese, Egyptian and European origins to address our core focus, the Israeli-Palestinian context. The day went off seamlessly and we were able to accomplish the goals set out for the gathering. Participant feedback was extremely positive and we now refer Marta to other groups seeking a seasoned facilitator."
Ronit Avni
Founder & Executive Director
Just Vision


"Blue Engine thought very carefully about the right facilitator for its first ever Board Retreat. We interviewed 5 or 6 consultants, and chose Marta because of her extensive experience with high-performing nonprofits, strong recommendations from our funders and others, and she was a great personality fit for our board. She has a structured, yet direct, approach and is very action-oriented, which was exactly what we needed. Marta helped facilitate and lead our board to clearly define its roles and responsibilities-- creating a board committee structure, leadership positions, and ultimately activating our board members to leverage their strengths to execute on key strategies. As CEO, I see this changed dynamic with the board as a pivotal moment for our organization, and credit Marta with helping us get there."
Nick Ehrmann
CEO & Founder
Blue Engine


"WITNESS, as a global human rights organization that supports people to use video to create change, needed to develop a new strategy to respond to the opportunities presented by a fast changing technology and media landscape. In the summer of 2012, through her work with the Directors' team and her excellent facilitation of an all staff retreat, Marta helped us focus, prioritize, and shape the right way forward. Her experience and style enabled an atmosphere of transparency and open conversation while at the same time moving the organization toward a future vision with clarity. Her personal, direct approach and her rapid analysis of key choice points proved very instrumental."
Yvette J. Alberdingk Thijm
Executive Director


"Marta helped our organization (Repair the World) on multiple fronts during a frenetic and difficult transition period. She provided expert coaching (sensible, pointed, and effective) to several members of our leadership team, and facilitated a series of team meetings over several months after an executive transition was announced. Her no-nonsense style and expansive toolkit of tactics and strategies for building teams, exercising leadership, and managing change were a perfect fit for us."
Jon Rosenberg
Executive Director
ROADS Charter High Schools


"New Yorkers For Children hired Marta as a consultant to guide our Board’s Strategic Planning Committee through a planning process over a period of five months in 2011. Marta is an expert facilitator who brings to her work a deep understanding of collaboration and non-profit organizations. She brought together a group of experts in child welfare and related fields to encourage our Board to think innovatively about addressing the needs of youth aging out of foster care. She skillfully guided us through discussions about focus, programmatic impact, and expected outcomes. Marta’s skillful guidance led NYFC to develop a Strategic Plan that clearly articulates our priorities, our most effective role and the impact and anticipated outcomes of our work."
Nicholas Scoppetta
Board President
New Yorkers For Children


"Red Hook Initiative (RHI) brought Marta in to work with a team of board and staff on a strategic plan, at a critical moment in our organization’s development. Marta was able to hear our needs, quickly assess where we were, and push us to define the next phase of RHI’s work.
Her ability to ask the right questions, and cut to the heart of the issues propelled us toward a stronger mission and vision statement and a solid plan to guide our work for the next three years. The end products of the 6-month process were full buy-in from staff and board, along with practical tools with which to begin the work."

Jill Eisenhard
Founder & Executive Director
Red Hook Initiative


"Marta Siberio was an excellent guide through our strategic planning process. Her ability to quickly assess the nuances of our organization and the challenges we face was remarkable. Her insight helped us fine-tune realistic goals for the coming years and, with her guidance, our senior staff and Board were able to translate these goals into a pragmatic work plan. At a four-hour retreat, Marta successfully lead a lively and engaged discussion between our staff and Board. She is a skilled listener and helped all of us listen to one another as well. Through her guidance, we successfully articulated our vision for a stronger, more effective organization."
Diane Max
Board Chair
Planned Parenthood of New York City


"Marta worked with both our executive team and Board to help us set strategic priorities for the next three years. She quickly grasped the complexity of our issues and thoughtfully challenged us to make decisions. Marta took us through an intense, yet inclusive process, that led to a set of goals and priorities that effectively address our needs. Her low key and direct style really helped us to achieve more that we thought possible. I highly recommend Marta as an effective facilitator and partner in making organizational change."
Joan Malin
President & CEO
Planned Parenthood of New York City


"Freelancers Union retained Marta's services in planning and facilitating our annual strategic planning retreat. Marta successfully led a large and dynamic group through two days of highly productive and cooperative strategy sessions and brainstorming. Marta is an expert in evoking participation and creativity among all group participants, intervening in a way that adds focus and momentum to each conversation. Our retreat greatly benefited from Marta's extensive skill and experience, leading to a productive and highly organized event that was enjoyed by all participants."
Sara Horowitz
Executive Director
Freelancers Union


"Marta Siberio worked with Symphony Space during a six-month strategic planning process. Without extensive background in the performing arts, Marta was nevertheless able to articulate and help us understand very quickly and thoroughly the issues on which we needed to focus. She effectively facilitated both staff and Board convenings, conducting meetings in a way that even the most weary long-timers found stimulating and provocative. Marta is sharp, smart, and focused, and she makes everyone else in the room more effective, as a result. I would certainly work with her again on another project of this nature."
Cynthia Elliott
President & CEO


"We have used Marta to facilitate our annual grantee convening for the past two years. She has worked very well with our staff to design a day where our grantees can come together and share their stories, learn from each other and offer the Foundation useful feedback. Marta is expert at creating a meeting environment where participants feel comfortable and are encouraged to participate, while focusing on complex and sometimes difficult issues. She also ensures that the group reaches useful closure and has concrete takeaways from their time together. Marta Siberio is an excellent facilitator and I highly recommend her."
Ana L. Oliveira
President & Chief Executive Officer
The New York Women's Foundation


"The Paul Rapoport Foundation retained Marta's services to assist us in crafting a strategic plan that would guide us through the fraught thicket of a spend-out process. We chose her from among several highly qualified candidates because of her broad skill set which encompasses everything from being able to effectively interview - bilingually - community stakeholders, to formulate a clear blueprint for a strategic plan, to facilitate a highly diverse group in an emotionally charged atmosphere. Marta helped us come to grips with the wrenching decision we had to make and to move from a state of shell shock to one of effective action, with completed workplan in hand, in less than six months. Bravo Marta! Without you we could not have done it."
Jane D. Schwartz
Executive Director
The Paul Rapoport Foundation


"You did a fantastic job as a facilitator for our national United Neighborhood Centers of America Board retreat last week, and all my colleagues thought so too. I can't imagine anyone else being as effective with that group as you were. You guided us through a very full day of very difficult decisions about our membership dues structure and our business model to ensure sustainability for the organization. Everyone was impressed. I know that I will turn to you again when I have tough issues to address."
Nancy Wackstein, Executive Director
United Neighborhood Houses
United Neighborhood Centers of America Board Member


"Marta Siberio has a deep understanding of how to bring diverse groups together around complex systemic issues. She has brilliant meeting facilitation skills. At a Ford Foundation convened meeting, Marta facilitated a large and diverse group of national public health and community experts which resulted in the creation of a unified platform for a National AIDS Strategy for the United States."
Robert Bank, Executive Vice President
American Jewish World Service


"Marta's leadership development work with My Sisters' Place has been extraordinary. She brings a wealth of practical experience and insight to the changing non-profit environment. My Sisters' Place staff has benefited from her coaching on crisis management, improving organizational communication and team building. Recently, she provided effective facilitation to our Board of Directors, as they evaluated their own effectiveness, leading them to develop a viable plan of action for greater success. Marta is a personable and skilled professional who understands her clients' needs and works collaboratively to help attain their desired outcomes."
Karen Cheeks-Lomax, Esq., Executive Director
My Sisters' Place


"Marta facilitated two retreats of our Board of Directors. She provided Board development training that resulted in a specific action plan to enhance Board effectiveness, including strategies for embracing their fundraising role. She also facilitated a discussion on alternative models of agency growth. In both cases, Marta's preparation was thorough, she effectively engaged all participants and her facilitation was superb. Her ability to facilitate in Spanish and English is a huge asset."
Cesar A. Perales, President & General Counsel
LatinoJustice PRLDEF


"Marta brought together a group that, while immersed in different areas related to the struggles of post foster care youth, had never come together to shape a common agenda. Groups working in youth development and groups working on housing and advocacy for the homeless had to be oriented to a common language. Some wariness around discussions of outcome measurement had to be overcome. An ambitious scope had to be managed within a tight timeframe.
Marta managed each of these dimensions expertly. She structured the meeting to assure a comprehensive, participatory and frank discussion. She kept the conversation focused and was pleasantly insistent that awkward questions on quality measurement and accountability be dealt with. Participants judged the gathering to be stunningly effective. It produced a continuing collaboration among participants who are now working collaboratively on four policy initiatives the first time these sectors have come together with a common agenda. Marta's astute reading of the group, and her deft guidance of the meeting, were essential to this outcome."

Rosanne Haggerty, President
Common Ground


"Marta provided the New York Foundation for the Arts with a very thorough and sensitively tuned process for conducting focus groups with artists throughout New York State. Her objectivity, nuanced solicitations for information, and obvious enjoyment at facilitation was very valuable to us and greatly informed our strategic planning process. I would highly recommend her."
Michael L. Royce, Executive Director
New York Foundation for the Arts


"Marta planned and facilitated a full-day strategic planning retreat that was both focused and productive. She pushed us to address difficult issues and make commitments that would position our organization optimally for the future."
Kim Sweet, Executive Director
Advocates for Children


"Marta skillfully guided our senior leadership team through some important conversations about our collective vision for the United Way of New York City, our plans for addressing the current fiscal environment and new ways of working together to build on our team's strengths. Marta's broad knowledge of organizations facing similar challenges helped give us a useful perspective. In addition, I have had the privilege of working with Marta in many different capacities over the years. Her deep knowledge of non-profits and management were extraordinarily helpful."
Gordon J. Campbell, President & Chief Executive Officer
United Way of New York City


"Marta is a skilled facilitator, teacher and coach. I consider her one of the leading experts in leadership development in the human services field here in New York City. The Administration for Children's Services was lucky to partner with her on the development and implementation of the first ever Leadership Academy for Child Safety. We found that many years of experience and culturally competent practice contributed greatly to the success of the Academy!"
Anne Williams-Isom, Deputy Commissioner Community & Government Affairs
New York City Administration for Children's Services


"When I worked as the Open Society Institute's Deputy Director for International Public Health Programs, I hired Marta to carry out an assessment of our work. She conducted research on our grant making strategies and how they played out, analyzed our complicated spending data on grants, technical assistance, and convenings, and conducted interviews with key foundation staff and grantees around the world.

The result was a clear and thoughtful evaluation of our program strategy that included specific lessons learned to inform our future grant making. Marta thinks strategically, she is extremely organized, and is incredibly easy to work with."
Karen Plafker, Program Director
Wellspring Advisors, LLC


"Marta Siberio has worked as a consultant to the Funders Network for more than six months. In that time, she has impressed me very favorably and I would not hesitate to recommend her for a wide range of projects. We gave Marta the job of solidifying a working group of foundation funders interested in sexuality education. She has been an excellent facilitator for the group and, even more impressively to me, very quickly got up to speed on the subject and the community of players. Marta is dependable, prompt, smart and talented. She is also exceptionally dedicated to doing the very best job possible. I will hire her again."
Denise Shannon, Executive Director
Funders Network on Population, Reproductive Health and Rights