Our core services include

Meeting Facilitation Strategic Planning Leadership Development and Training Business Evaluation Project Management

Components may include: review of organizational history and structure; stakeholder interviews; benchmarking; analysis of financial status; identification and discussion of key strategic issues; creation of theory of change and logic models; development of written implementation plans and related performance coaching; and retreat facilitation.

Relevant Projects

Advocates for Children: Conducted a comprehensive strategic planning process for this education advocacy organization.

Americans for United Nations Population Fund: This organization promotes women’s health and the rights of women worldwide. Marta facilitated a strategic planning staff retreat and several follow-up meetings to assess effectiveness of plan implementation to build moral, political and financial support within the United States for the work of the United Nations Population Fund.

Search and Care: Conducted a comprehensive strategic planning process for this elder care services organization.

Case Study: Implementing the Strategic Plan

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Bureau of Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

Problem Statement: The Bureau had just completed a strategic planning process identifying several goals. The leadership team wanted to develop an implementation plan that promoted collaboration among their units and prioritized activities that most directly and effectively advanced their goals.

Solution: Many good strategies are not effectively implemented because organizations see the implementation process as a purely technical one: sort through current and possible projects, assess available resources, prioritize based on impact and eliminate activities that are not aligned with the goals.Marta Siberio Consulting facilitated several meetings of the Bureau leadership team and led them through these analytic activities, producing a project tracking tool that facilitated regular check-ins on progress. Another critically important outcome of these sessions was the understanding by leadership that to succeed in realizing their vision, they needed to change the way they did their work. They asked Marta to provide performance coaching and team development services to support them in this more difficult, adaptive work required to achieve their goals.

The Results: Through the clarity of purpose gained by this team as a result of this strategic planning process, coupled with their expanding leadership skills, the Bureau launched several breastfeeding initiatives in New York City. They have attracted private resources to expand a new school-based health program, and they have brought renewed government attention and commitment to the goal of ending teen pregnancy with a new approach to the work. Finally, when faced with the need to eliminate resources in a very difficult fiscal environment, they recognized the importance of a good organizational structure and were able to easily identify programs that no longer served the agreed-to critical public health goals.