Our core services include

Meeting Facilitation Strategic Planning Leadership Development and Training Business Evaluation Project Management

Components may include: review of background materials; interviews with key stakeholders; agenda setting; participatory meeting structures; effective meeting and retreat facilitation; written summaries.

Relevant Projects

Hostos Community College: Assisted senior leadership of the college in a day-long retreat to plan for a leadership change and develop annual goals for the institution.

New York City Law Department: Effectively facilitated annual leadership retreat focusing on strategies to promote innovation in the face of cutbacks.

United Way of New York City: For the United Way, Marta Siberio Consulting facilitated an effective conversation among senior leadership about the impact of significant organizational change and how to collectively create new ways of working that would build on their strengths and align with their values.

Case Study: Making Hard Choices

The National AIDS Strategy

Problem Statement: A group of leaders in the field of HIV/AIDS services working to advance the development of a National AIDS Strategy (NAS) for the United States needed to engage a broader group of participants in the process, and agree on what priorities to include in the NAS. An important opportunity to engage the Presidential candidates was at hand, so consensus was needed quickly.

Solution: Marta Siberio met with the planning group to fully understand the range of issues that needed to be addressed and the critical dynamics that must be worked with in the effective facilitation of this meeting. Marta prepared a questionnaire for all participants to share their vision, concerns and hopes about the NAS. She worked through various versions of an agenda for the session. The final agenda clearly framed the issues to be addressed at the meeting, identified areas of common ground based on the questionnaire feedback, allowed sufficient time for the 40 participants to share their worries and hopes for the NAS, and structured working sessions that would drive the participants to make hard choices.

The Results: Meeting participants were able to speak and be heard, and while advocating for their priority issues, came to an agreement on a single framework for the NAS. The NAS has been embraced by President Obama and funding has been allocated by Congress to support the work of honing in on a coordinated approach to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States.