Our core services include

Meeting Facilitation Strategic Planning Leadership Development and Training Business Evaluation Project Management

Components may include: performance coaching for executives and senior staff; team building training and facilitation; Board development and training; and gauging the impact of motivation and leadership style on employee performance.

Relevant Projects

LatinoJustice PRLDEF: Facilitated two retreats of the Board of Directors of this civil rights organization resulting in increased engagement in fundraising the first year and a decision to pursue a name change the second year.

My Sisters’ Place: Provided performance coaching to the Executive Director of this domestic violence- prevention organization. Addressed such issues as crisis management, staff development, leadership skill development, employee motivation, change management, and creating a better balance between work and personal life.

Leadership Academy for Child Safety: Offered leadership training to over 90 mid-level managers from New York City’s child welfare agency to develop their skills to lead necessary improvements in the investigation of child abuse and neglect.

Case Study: Strengthening the Board of Directors

My Sisters’ Place

Problem Statement: Leadership of the Board of Directors was changing, several members were new and this active and engaged Board wanted to address a few sticky issues and agree on a viable plan of action for even greater success.

Solution: Marta asked Board members to complete a self-assessment tool, which identified their performance strengths and areas needing improvement. The planning day included a presentation by Marta on Board roles and responsibilities, and a discussion of the assessment results. This provided an excellent platform to examine the issues of concern, including Board composition and recruitment goals, term limits, and setting a ‘give and get’ policy.

The Results: The Board was able to recognize and celebrate their effectiveness. They honestly explored the pros and cons of the issues before them and took decisions that worked for the individuals involved and for the good of My Sisters’ Place. At the end of the day, the Board agreed to create two new committees and developed a detailed work plan for the year.