Our core services include

Meeting Facilitation Strategic Planning Leadership Development and Training Business Evaluation Project Management

Components may include: background research; company analysis, business needs assessment, literature review; data analysis; policy scans; key informant interviews; meetings with field leaders; focus groups of client, staff, volunteers, and community members; organizational change plans, written reports and briefings.

Relevant Projects

New York Foundation for the Arts: Conducted eight focus groups of artists across New York State and interviewed ten funders in the arts in a company analysis to assist the New York Foundation for the Arts to assess its effectiveness and identify suggested shifts in direction.

Open Society Institute: Performed a business assessment of the Open Society Institute’s international public health funding strategy and identified lessons learned for the foundation.

Cabrini Medical Center: Conducted focus groups in English and Spanish of the caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients to create an organizational change plan which identified needed improvements in nursing home and hospital admission procedures.

Brookdale Hospital: Conducted focus groups of clinic users and neighborhood residents to identify strengths and effective outreach techniques for a new community clinic in East New York.

Case Study: Defining Customer Needs

New York Foundation for the Arts

Problem Statement: The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) wanted to understand the needs of its future customers, New York artists under age 35, and whether NYFA was well positioned to meet those needs.

Solution: Marta worked with NYFA to develop a plan to conduct eight focus groups across the state of New York. Strategies were developed to recruit a varied cross-section of artists that represented all the domains of the arts. Marta prepared questionnaires to guide the discussions, including various ways of teasing out useful feedback on current NYFA projects. The focus group facilitation required significant flexibility, including gauging in the moment how to move the conversations to generate feedback that NYFA could actually do something about.

The Results: Over 100 artists participated in the focus groups and many reported that the experience was a positive one. They appreciated the opportunity to share their ideas with NYFA and to make connections with each other. In fact, the focus groups themselves were seen as a benefit offered to them by NYFA. Further, the data gathered from the focus groups generated four significant and specific recommendations to better position NYFA with its future customers.