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Biography Why Us

Why Us

Our experience with a diverse range of clients allows us to draw on best practices from many fields and to access a wide network of contacts among policymakers and experts in the health and human services fields.

Our track record of serious and accomplished work with many respected organizations and leaders in the government, foundation and non-profit sectors demonstrates our commitment to results that work for clients.

Our management expertise at Marta Siberio Consulting ensures that our solutions are pragmatic and take into account implementation challenges and financial realities.

Our ability to encourage new thinking by challenging assumptions and crafting opportunities to envision what is possible allows the best in your organization to emerge.

Our engagement with clients includes clear work plans, frequent check-ins and the delivery of services on time and within budget, making the process of change accomplishable.

Our facilitation skills allow us to take up conflict, uncertainty, and resistance in conversations where everyone is heard and the creativity of the group emerges.

Our communication abilities in English and Spanish allow us to reach executives, staff and community members in a bilingual environment.